My perspective about teaching young learners.

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So, i want tell you something today.

The difficult when i will get to teach young learners, there are students that will not pay attention to what i say, or students who busy chitchat with their friends, or just ignorant me with sleep, or i’m afraid what i will say and explain to them not deliver properly and just make them more confuse and no idea what i say. Also, Sometime i get nervous too or i can’t handle the noisy from them.

The good things from teach young learners, oh! It’s so much advantages from that such as, i get to know more people, i know any different personality from student, how i can handle them when it comes with their being so hyperactive, get a lot of experiences, can get to close with the young learners, you can think the strategy or make a creativity to the young learner and teaching is fun.

Become a teacher is not easy, I knew that, need more preparation, practice and learn. Me, myself and I  definitely like to teach young learners. I like to share a knowledge and i want to help them in increase their knowledge. Also, i want to show a good role to them, what a good and bad things to do.

As become a future teacher, i need to build a strategy or plan or methods that i will be using to make the class a live. Young learners easily got bored when it coming with study or learning. Such as, using games, film, discussion, etc. But, i need know more about that.



i wish when the time will coming for me to teaching young learners.

i guess that’s all for today. thank you for reading 😀

Chapter 5 — Learning Grammar

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Nooow, i want to talk about Learning Grammar.

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Some of us maybe think learning grammar is difficult, a lot of rules, complicated and so on. But, if we wanted to learn foreign language especially English. It is important for us to learn grammar. That’s what i thought when i was junior high school.

There are benefit from learning grammar such as you can your English increase, away from grammar error, and so on.

Grammar is one of the most challenging. It is not easy for motivate a young students to learn grammar. Teacher must discover and solve this problem. There are a lot of technique that we can using games to teach grammar such as role-play, group activities motivate students.

I remember the day when i was in junior high school. I was learning English and i still do nowadays. Honestly, I didn’t like to learning grammar. I always get misplace. Teacher in my school, made a learning grammar with performed drama, conversation and wrote it down in my book because my teacher said just incase if you forget.

I enjoyed it when i was performing drama or conversation with my friends. I don’t realize i was also learning grammar too.

The key from success in learning grammar is keep trying and do a lot of practices.

So, don’t give up!

See youuu and bye!!!

Learning Words — Chapter 4

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Today I want to talk about Learning words for teaching young learners and also want to tell you my experience related this.

Vocabulary Development In Chidlren’s Language

When teachers and speech-language pathologists talk about vocabulary, they are reffering to the set of words that a child knows.
Vocabulary can be split into two types: receptive vocabulary and expressive vocabulary.
A Child’s receptive vocabulary consist of the words the child understands when he/she hears or reads them.

A child’s expressive vocabulry consist of the words the child uses when he/she speaks.

Learning vocabulary
During the first few years of life, as babies begin to say words, it is east to keep track of their growing vocabularies.
Children typically understand or recognize more words tha they actually use when speaking.

For example, a toddler might only say five different words (e.g dada, mama, doggie, bottle, and more) but be able to understand many others – like pointing to the light when Mommy asks, “where is the light?” or beginning to cry when Daddy says, “ “bye-bye’ as he leaves for work.

Vocabulary development does not stop once a child can talk
In fact, children learn many new mords once they start reading and going to school

Why is vocabulary important?
Vocabulary is the basis for learnning language. Educational research shows that vocabulary strongly relates to reading comprehension, intelligence, and general ability.
As children learn to read, they must learn to decode (sound-out) print, but htey also must have a vocabulary base (word knowledge) in order to make sense of what they decode.
By third grade, however, children are reading to learn.
How to encourage vocabulary development?
Read to your students, read with them, expose them to plenty of reading materials.
Talk to your students about the enviroment around you.
Encourage students to tell about their surrondings.

Learning & teaching vocabulary
Learners need to acquire vocabulary learning stategies, in order to discover the meaning of new words, the strategies are useful in in-class and also in out-class situations where they encounter new and unfamiliar words. These stategies also help them acquire new vocabulary items they see or hear.

Vocabulary development should include both Direct instruction (teaching the owrds and thier meanings such as pre-teaching vocabulary items)

Indirect instruction (teaching the strategies to help learners figure out the meaning themselves)

Young learners should be exposed to vocabulary items repeatedly in rich context. We can’t expect them to learn item we teach and to remember all in the lesson two days leter. Thus, a newly taught word should reappear many times and in diffeent situation for the following weeks of instruction.

Benefit of learning vocabulary
When vocabulary items are taught before an activity, the stuedents may benefit from it in two ways:
1. it helps them comprehend the activity better.
2. it is more likely that they acquire the target vocabulary.
Useful classrom activities for young learners
a. connecting vocabulary to young learners’ lives through personalizing
b. word for the day
c. categories
d. scavenger hunt
e. what’s missing?
f. mystery words
g. concentration
h. vocabulary basket.

When i was in elementary or junior, I remembered my teacher wanted me and my frienda to memorize the words. The words i should memorize are different and not to much. Back then, i love to memorize english words until now.

My teacher made it fun. Sometimes we have to memorize it into conversation or just write in the paper and memorize after that said it in front of the class.
Or just read a book, playing drama or mystery words.
See you again, everyone!!!

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Chapter 3 – Learning The Spoken Language

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Here, now we talking about learning the spoken language

But fisrt what is speaking?

Speaking is the process of building and sharing meaning through the use of verbal and non-verbal symbols, in a variety of contexts.

Speaking is very important in part of English Languge. The goal teacher of teaching speaking should improve student’s communication skills because the students can express themself and learn how to follow social and cultural rules appropriate in each communication.

Learning the spoken langauge guiding principles:

  • Meaning must come first : if children do not understand the spoken language, they cannot learn it.
  • To learn discourse skills, children need both to participate in discourse and to build up knowledge and skills for participation.

 Discourse & Discourse Events

Discourse refers to conversation or longer units to talk, such as stories or songs. The target for teaching discourse should be as a real language use: to be able to use the foreign language with real people for real purposes in a proper context.

Discourse events refers to naturally bounded use of language at any length. When teacher and learners interact on tasks and activites, they are involved in a discourse event.

Meaning First

As children move through infancy, they begin to communicate with others about things in their share world, and develop their vocabulary of labels alongside their ability to categorise (Locke 1993).

Scaffolding as for social interaction.

Can the child find or construct meaning in this language or activity?

Why do teachers need to check that meaning is accessible?

Listening : active use of language to access other people’s meaning.

Speaking : active use of langauge to espress meanings so that other people can make sense of them.

Speaking is much more demanding because speaking require support for understanding and for production.

Analysis of a Task in Action

  • The setting and the task
  • Task as plan
  • Language used in the task
  • Use of formulaic language
  • Selecting and adapting language on-line.

Discourse Skills Development In Childhood

The foreign langauge discourse development of children is contrained by their cognitive and social development.

To becoming a good speaker than simply acquaring the syntax, phonology, and vocabular.

Development of Conversational Skills in Childhood

  • The maturation of social and cognitive understanding over the 5-12 age range has implications for foreign language use and learning. When children are asked to take part in conversations that are beyond their development, they cannot fullt partucipate and may be forced to repeat without understanding.
  • As listeners, they understand other people’s talk relative to their current level of social and cognitive resources.
  • Children up to age seven seem to blame themselves if they do not understand something said to them, rather than judging what was said to them might have been inadequate.
  • Children seem to begin to really develop their understanding of other people’s actions and minds around four years of age, it takes much of childhood to gather enough experience and use of it to construct a full awareness of how people operate socially and mentally.
  • Familiarity of content and context in foreign language use will help children as speakers and as listeners.

Developing Children’s Discourse Repertoires

Learners of a foreign language increase their range of repertoire of discourse skills and types.


  • Through interaction with an increasing range people.
  • In different situations.
  • With different goals and different topics.
  • Moving from the familiar settings of home, family and classroom to wider situations.
  • Types of talk, includes: Narrative, Description, Instructional, Argument, Opinions, etc.


Effective Support for Children’s Foreign Language Discourse Skills

  • Support through motivational topics: Reachers must adjust tasks and topics to related to pupil’s interest.
  • Support through task structure: Tasks should have a clear goal or purpose.
  • Suppport through language practice: Need to onclude exposure to the language by providing other learning opportunities.

Short Activities for Learning The Spoken Language

  • Listening and doing
  1. Listen and Identify
  2. Bingo
  3. Listen and take away
  4. Find the odd one out
  5. Listen and put
  • Listening and saying
  1. Look and say
  2. Listen and choose
  3. Listen and sort
  4. Tennis Game
  5. Guess my animal-questions
  6. Guess my animal-actions

Focus on sounds in discourse

  1. Poems and chants
  2. Tongue twisters

Supporting The Spoken Langauge with Written Language

  • Using dialogues and discourse
  • The language learning opportunities of dialogues

Dialogues may offer :

  • Genuine samples of spoken language
  • Contextualized sentence patterns that are not very like the spoken language
  • Written sentences that resemble what people might say
  • Practice of sentence patterns-a grammatical drill in disguise
  • Scripts, rather like short theatrical plays.
  • Other sources of spoken discourses

So, all of those is explaining for learning the spoken language. And in this chapter seems related with my experienced.


Well, when i was in kindergarten or elementary or junior high school, i learned English Language which wasn’t my mother tongue. My mother tounge is Bahasa. My teachers taught English very well, active and interest. so, maybe that’s why I love to learning English.

I remembered my teacher wanted me and my chairmate to came in the front of class and made a conversation about greetings. Not only that, there are many more what activity. The next, my teacher gave us task to find a folk tale and read it loud. Then, drama and storytelling.

When i did all of that. I felt enjoy to do it. I like to speak in English its make me like I’m the antive speaker eventhought there still any mistakes about the grammar and spelling the words. Everytime my teacher wanted me and my friends made a conversation about the topic teachers gave, i always excited and eagerly.

Oke, then, i think that’s all from me. Hope this blog usefull for you. Thank you for read my blog. See you for the next. Byeeeeeeeee


Chapter 2 – Learning language through tasks and activites.

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Today, I want to tell you guys about…..

Learning language through tasks and activites


To starting poin in this chapter is chidren as (mentally) active learners, who will try to find a meaning and purpose for activites that are presented to them. So, task should be used as a tool for children in learning language, task should be a tool for evalution of the learners, task and activities are seen as the environment or ecosystem of learning.

Studies of young children starting school have shown how much difference there often is between language use and activities at home and at school, but also how quickly children work out what is expected of them and how to fit into the new patterns of interaction (e.g. Tizard and Hughes 1984).

Young learners will work hard to make sense of what teachers ask them to do and come with their own understandings of the purpose and expectation of adults which is a way tasks can be quickly useful at classroom.

There are two tasks for young learners; Task Demands and Task Support.

Types of Task Demand and Task Support

  • Cognitive
  • Language
  • Interactional
  • Metalinguistic
  • Involvement
  • Physical

Balancing Task Demand and Task Support

  • Goldilocks principle – a task that is good to help the learner learn more language is one that is demanding but not too demanding, that provides support but not too much support
  • Too high demand – too difficult
  • Too much support – too easy

The Importance of Language Learning Goals

  • When students are clear about their learning goal, a goal that describes the intended learning, they perform sighificantly better than those who are given goals that focus on task completion.
  • Too many demands wil make children anxious.
  • Language learning goals is a step to ensure that that the balance of demands and support produce language learning.

Defining ‘Tasks’ for Young Learners Classrooms

  • Involve the learners actively
  • Have clear language learning goals

Stages in Classroom Task

  • Preparation : prepare learners to be able to complete core activities
  • Core activities : set up through language learning goals.
  • Follow up : builds on successful completion of the core activities.

Task as Plan & Task as Action

  • The Task as Plan
  • Teacher may not know what will happen when the activity is used.
  • The Task as Action
  • When the task is used in class based on what actually happened

so, from all of those explanation. it seems related with my life ehehe. well, my English teacher gave so many tasks and activity when i was elementary or junior high. I remembered the tasks and activity she gave not difficult, suitable with my ability to learn English and more develop my skills in English language since i loved English so much.

the preparation my teachers set was good, even when I don’t understand the material, she taught and explained the material again.

soon, when i become a teacher, i want to follow those explanation and what i saw the way my teacher done.

Thank you for reading my blog. if there any mistakes from my blog, I ask apologies.


Tizard, B. and M. Hughes. 1984. Young Children Learning. London: Fontana.

Chapter 1 – Children learning a foreign language



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In this beautiful opportunity, i want to talk about Children learning a foreign language relating with my experience.

Kids holding greeting signs in different languages

Soon to be a teacher, it’s important to the teacher for teaching language to young learners because exposing children to a foreign language at an early age help them to develop language and achieve better pronunciation and fluency later in life. Teaching language to children needs all the skills of the good primary teacher in managing children and keeping them on task, plus a knowledge of the language, of language teaching, and of language learning.

Teaching of young learners have more fun if we know how to teach and make a children having fun but also learning in the class.

And in the first of children learning a foreign language is Taking a learning-centered perspective, knowledge about children’s learning is seen as central to effective teaching. Language is means through which thought is organized, refined, and expressed. In short, language helps in the dormation concepts, analysis of complex ideas, and to focus attention on ideaas which would otherwise be difficult to comprehend.

The child as active learner. From a Piagetian viewpoint, a child’s thinking develops as gradual growth of knowledge and intellectual skills towards a final stages of formal, logical thinking.

And the child as social. From Lev Vygotsky’s view point, language is critical for cognitive development. Underlying Vygotsk theory is the central observation that development and learning take place in a social context. Whereas for Piaget the child is an active learner alone in a world of object, for Vygotsky the child is an active learner in a world full of other people. Those people play important role n helping children to learn.

And Scaffolding and routines. Brunner has provided a fruther useful idea for language teaching in his nations of format and routines. These are features of events that allow scaffolding to take place, and combine that security of the familiar with the excitement of the new. Bruner’s most useful example of a routine is of parents reading stories to their children from babyhood onward. One immediate  example would be in classroom management, such as giving out paper and scissors for making activities. As a routine, this would always take basically the same form: the teacher talking to the whole class, etc.

And for those explaining, based on what i had learned in school as children was the same. My teacher made me interact with other friend using English or the teacher made some of activity related some creativity or alone task that i have to working with objects or idea using my own knowledge. And my teacher gave me a new word to made me memorize or just to read it.

that’s all for today. thank you for reading my blog.

love you….

Wonder Movie Review

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today i want to give you a my review about Wonder movie.


In the movie of Wonder, there are show another the side or point of view of the character. First side from Auggie, Via who is Auggie’s older sister, Jake Will who is Auggie’s friend and Miranda who Via’s best friend. But, lets we talk about the main character which is happen to be of the first side.

There is a little boy name August Pullman or called Auggie. This boy was born different from the other kids.  Auggie went so many surgery since he was a baby. Total 27 surgery he through. They helped him breath, see, hear without the tools even made him look better. Auggie liked Mincraft, sains and  dressing up for Hallowen but the most he liked sains, he even have had a astronout helmet. Sometimes he wore his astronout helmet.

Auggie has to face the problem when he first entered the school, he started fifth grade, previously he went homeschooled. Auggie  thought he is not an ordinary kids. He felt totally terrified since he never be in public school. Many kids stared at Auggie with a weird because of his face when he was in his new school. This made Auggie felt uncomfortable. People looking at him with the judment stare. For the first day, he just sat alone in canteen along with kids kept stare at him. There is a boy name Julian, he seems didn’t like Auggie and bullied him. Julian is one of another kids who gave Auggie a tour at school along with two other kids name Jake Will and Charlotte on the day he went the school with her mom. Auggie first day of school was rough.

Auggie is a smart kid. He can followed the lesson with good. On the sains class, when teacher hold a pop quize, Auggie gave a Jake Will his answer since he saw Jake Will sat next to him had a difficulty. Since then, Jake Will and Auggie became a friend. Auggie was happy he finaly had a friend. Auggie and Jake played together.

When a hellowen day came, Auggie was happy because for him hellowen is the best whole day in the world. It felt awesome to dressing up. Auggie used walk with a head down to avoid people seeing him weird but when hellowen, he walked with head up high. He felt so cool, people didn’t know who he was behind he mask. But, suddenly he heard Jake Will talked with Julian and the other friends. They talked behind him and Jake Will hurted Auggie feeling with his hurt. Soon, Augie avoid Jake Will and then came Summer, a little girl who had a same class with Auggie, they began to be close.

Jake Will soon found out the reason Auggie avoid him and he apologise to Auggie for what he said. They are back being a friend. The sains project, Auggie and Jake Will made a great project that made a Julian felt jealous and more didn’t like Auggie. Since the sains project, kids started to liked him. Soon, Auggie had a many friend with him and Julian who watched felt he can’t accepted it. Julian used to be a center in the school and now replaced it with Auggie.

Julian gave a Auggie a piece of papers with the awful word and erase Auggie from the picture class. Principle know this and called Julian’s parents. Beacuse of what he did, Julian had a two days can’t  attend the school and can’t join to nature trip. Julian soon felt bad and he said sorry.

On the nature trip. Auggie had a lot of fun with his friend in Broarwood reserve. When having a movie there, Auggie and Jake Will decided to went outside but unfortunately they met with three kids at 7 grade. One of the three kids judg Auggie by his look with said the hursh word. Jake Will defent his friend but Jake Will got a attack him by push him. Auggie saw that, he had a attack position when one of three kids wanted attack him but came three boys who used became Julian’s friend and liked to bullied him too. That three boys help Auggie and soon their got in fight with 7 grade kids. After that, Auggie, Jake Will and three boys finlay can run away from them. Soon their become close.

Finale, pne of the event, principle announced the the high reward called Henry Ward Beecher medal to honor students who became a example, usually a good ethics reward. Principle gave that medal to Auggie who quite strange carry up the most heart. People stood and gave Auggie applause to him. Auggie remembered the Mr Browne (principle) the last said that gave it at that moment; be kind, for everyone who fighting hurt battle and if you really wanna see people are, all you have to do is look.


Doesn’t matter what we look like or what we are there is people who care about us just lie Auggie.


People easily judge people by their look, see just by the cover not in inside which is heart, their kind. And, just make a fun of them just like the poeple who can’t see itin the movie.

This movie really relatebale with my life. I always feel uncomfortable when people gave me a judge or a weird stare at me. People easily say something without consider or concern with my feeling but i never give them a change of their word eat my a life because i dont wanna them statisfied by looking gave up. Theres people who care about me, my friends, my brothers, my father and the most is my mother, who know me the most than anyone can. I used to afraid by my apperience because it just i dont want to people judge me but now, it doesn’t anymore.

My favorite character of the Wonder movie is of course Auggie, he is my motivate and he make me sturdy.

So, that’s all for me. Wonder movie is very recommented for you who haven’t watch yet.

Byeee, have a great day.

love you

Cross Cultural Understanding

Hey, hi, hello. It’s me! How is your day? Hopes that all is run well.

Soo, today i want to spare my time to share my experiences of studying about ‘Cross Culture Understanding’ in my college at Universitas Kristen Indonesia.

It is quite interesting to learned CCU. Why is that so?

Because, you know, learning get knowledge. When I was learning CCU, I got a lot of benefit and knowledge more. CCU is important to learn because CCU  is concerned with understanding people from different cultural backgound/culture of the pople. We have to prepare when we want to go or visit another country and we have to know the background/culture of the country that we visit and to avoid any misunderstanding arise. So, we have to be act carefully with show respect, more tolerable and generous toward other citizen of another country.


There are many country with the different culture. It is unique way to learning another culture, meet different people there and make a relationship, learn how to be more polite, communicate effeciently, and adapting to the environment. Can you imagine we can also share our culture through CCU.

There are things that I’ve learned about CCU

  1. Varieties Of Introduction

Introduction is one of ways of Cross Culture Understanding in introduce about someone of ourself to other people. It is also important to us to know how the foreigners are introduce someone or introducing himself to other people in different situation.

  1. Non-Verbal Communication

Is one of tools to communicating with others without words, wither written and spoken. Based on daily life, we often use non-verbal communication to interact with other as well as given a sign, compliment, or contradict verbal message, gossiping and help disabilities.

  1. Personal relationship
  2. Family value

Everyone already knows that the word ‘family’ means a social unit –whether blood related, marriage related, or emotion related – usually residing together. ‘values’ are ideal about what is right and wrong, desirable and undesirable, normal and abnormal, proper and improper.

  1. Educational attitude

Educational attitude talks about one’s attitude or value in learning (academically) whether are the participation in education, the relationship between the teacher and the student, the way of one’s way in learning independenly, and the students competition in learning.

So, CCU is important to we know. CCU helps us to understant more abouut habits, tradition, identity, society, belief, customs, ideas and mind-set of different countries. When I was learning this, I learned about the difference that my country have and the other countries so that I don’t get misuderstanding. With my lecturer name Mam Aci, she is teaching me and my friend with fun about CCU through group work and each of group have a different talked about kind of CCU and presented like in we attended exhibition in front of friend and lecturer. This is fun because we have made creatively about the part we got. Not only that. We also make a some mini drama about part we got about kind of CCU with the group.

This is photo my friend and I with our lectuer Mam Aci. She is pretty and humble. Teaching us so fun about CCU. I had enjoyed when I was learning it.

WhatsApp Image 2019-07-08 at 07.39.03

Mission Completed

Hi, guys 😊

How are you?? I hope that you all are always good healthy.

So, today i would like to share about my experiance when i was doing reading project.

First, i got some assignment from Intergrated English Skill II, this assignment is final project. My lecture gave me a reading project as a final project. In this assignment, i have to read some story to another people.

My feeling when i heard that. I was shocked, confused, and nervous. I think this time the assignment is difficult because before i never do reading a story in front of people. Willy nilly, i must do it. This assignment i have to do my best, so that i get a higher score.

And before doing it, my lecturer tell to form a group. I have group to together’s doing reading project. My group name is “The Greatest Group”. What do you think about my group name?? Sounds cool, right?? Of course!! Why we choose that name?? My friends and i hope that we are become the greatest group more than another group in class. Let me introduce my friends of the group, in my group there are name Menda, Monalisa, and Rotua.

In that time before doing our assignment, we are discuss our strategy to reading project. We are decided to each of us prepare four story. There are reason why our group do that because we know that every children easy to get bored, so we want to keep them away from boredom feeling, make they interesting to listen if we give different story.

On Thursday, 24 May, 2018. My group went to elementary school as our target. That school name is Perguruan Advent XV Ciracas. Located in Jl. Raya Bogor Km 26. No. 15, Jakarta Timur, DKI Jakarta,

On that day when i came that school. I was nervous and afraid but in other hand, i was happy and this is my first time to reading a story. So, i take a deep breath and believe in my heart, i can do it. Also, i pray to the God, everything what i do in the Jesus name all works.

I got a third number to take turns reading a story. While i’m waiting my turn, i take a picture. Time goes so fast and my turn came. I put a big smile on my face when i’m stand in front of the student.

Do you want to know what story I brought that day?? I choose Pinocchio Story.

Why i choose Pinocchio story?? Because i tought that everyone already know about Pinocchio story and loved it. Also, Pinocchio story is old fairy tail. Pinocchio story have a value that we don’t lie to other. Especially to parents. Beside, Pinocchio story is suitable to childrent, so that’s way i choose Pinocchio story.

When i’m started to reading a story. The situation of the class enough quite. The student focus on me and listen carefully. I thought that they are will make a noise and ignore me. Well, they are a child who have a hyperactive attitude.

And when i’m finished reading a story. I felt so happy that i can read their a story. It was pretty fun.

Then, i ask to them. Who likes the pinocchio story and everyone raised their hand.

Oh! Almost i’m forget. When i was came to the class. I see handcraft on the wall, that is so cool and unique. Also, the teacher in that school, welcome my friends and i warmly.

So, after that. My friends and i said thank you so much that they want listening us. And they said to visit them again.

Ienjoyed it when i was there and i want to reading a story to another people again 😆.

Well, i think this is the end of my experiance of my reading project. Finally, my mission completed. I’m so happyyyy….

The luxurious things

Hi, everyone!!!!

How are you?? I’m always fine and i hope all of you are fine too 😀

So, my lacture have giving me some homework about luxuries items you will have in your future. I’m so excited to discuss about this lesson, because i want sharing about some luxurious things I will have in my future and i hope that is come true.

Let’s begin!!!!

4 items of luxuries that I will have in my future is….

  1. a house

Hasil gambar untuk luxury house

2. a car

Hasil gambar untuk luxury ca

3. gadget

Hasil gambar untuk gadget

4. a private jet

Gambar terkait

And then, how can i get those luxury items is worked hard, and studied hard, so that i get a good job and big salary, also after i get a joob and salary i will save my money and don’t spend money too much for laters i can buy luxurious things that i wanted.

The reason i choose those luxurys items is had the house is my dream. I really want The house is made by me in future and the house is given as gift. I want give the house is designed by me to my parents. I want make my parents happy and proud of me because their dream to have own home is achived by me. My family needs the better house to make their comfortable lives. So, the house is an important part of life by me. If gotten luxury house it’s make my lives better and that’s why the house get into my needs.

And then, i needs car to going everywhere with my family or my friends. So, i don’t have to feel tired using public transportation. I think a car get into my needs, the rest i put into what i wants, luxuries are things we don’t really need, but they can be nice to have.

Some of advertisement could increas my desire to have those luxury items. When i watch television, then there’s some advertisement about house, the advertisement is displayed by television make me imagine that someday i want some luxury house too. The way they delivered it’s very interesting.

And then, i think all of my luxurious thing are important, so that ia can always used it every single day.

This is the end of my sharing about luxurious things that i want in my future. I’m wonder how about you?? Any there’s luxurious things you wanted?? You can sharing your luxurious thing with me.

See you……..